TGFX Design Studio understands what it takes to get your business to that next level. From the right fonts, to colours; to the design of the logo or website, our design makes a difference in your business. Our job is to make you look professional in front of your clients. With winning multiple design awards around the world, some designs being featured on magazine covers, we immerse ourselves to succeed as a team to better improve businesses. With our experience and quality we have helped our clients start strong in their businesses.

One of the most common compliments we hear after we complete a project for a client is, “WOW! You guys are really fast and provide excellent customer service”. We focus our attention on service as it makes such a huge difference in the relationship with the client.
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Branding will define your business to your audience. We make it our goal to give you a trademark that makes you distinguishable from competitors. Everything from the colour combinations, to your logo, and website and the imagery you use will make people stop and pay attention. We understand how critical it is for businesses to have that consistency and professionalism it needs to develop its one of a kind brand.

Graphic Design

Our multi-award winning design studio is home to some of the best designers who understand logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, banners and signage. With our array of styles and skills we are able to impress clients with our quality and speed of delivery. Trust is built on the level of your professionalism. Once you take your designs as a serious factor in your business, your audience will take you serious too.

WebSite Design

We live in a world where technology is moving forward; but is your business moving with along with it? It’s the time to go online or improve your existing website. When people go onto a website they want to find a functional, accessible, and easy to maneuver website. We strive to make this a necessity when helping clients with their new website design. This professionalism will make you stand out amongst your competitors.

Video Production

Our talented team of videographers cover everything from weddings, to corporate introductions and advertisements. Video is a powerful way in today’s age to really get your business, product, or message out there. We come fully equipped to make sure we deliver and capture exactly what you need.


After designing comes marketing. Getting yourself out there can be hard, but with proven online strategies from social media advertising, to Google awards, advertising and marketing is something we know best.

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